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erikadprice said: Hey just fyi I answered your ask publically on my blog, hope that's okay! Thanks again for the message!

Yes, that’s totally fine! Another thing I had wanted to say, but ran out of space: I take an online course, Lifespan Development, and my professor does lectures as audio files on Powerpoint. (I know you’re a social psychologist, so maybe you know her, IDK the world is small sometimes, her name is Kristin Anthis.) But she sounds SO MUCH LIKE YOUR WRONGSTATE LECTURES I CAN’T TAKE MY CLASS SERIOUSLY ANYMORE. Her intonation, how she delivers humor, all of it sounds like the way your lectures sound, even the volume at which she speaks. Maybe I’m just connecting the two and reaching for similarities, but everytime I listen, I just want to tell you about how nuts it is. 

Also, I am hoping to do NaNoWriMo, since I had seen your post about it. Originally I was going to do this YA novel about a girl in high school, but since I read Corpus Collosum, I’ve been much more thinking about technology and stuff, and might end up working on my story idea about a futuristic, highly tech dependent society. 

Sorry if I talk too much. You seem really chill, and I got excited that you messaged me. 






sure was cold last night. good thing we had trash to burn for warmth

While I disapprove of book burning in general, in this case…

This is a book by Christina Hoff Sommers, a woman who has been involved in feminism and feminist academia her entire life. She is a feminist. This book talks about the bias against boys in school (for example: boys are more likely to drop out and greatly lag when it comes to literacy).

Also the minute you start to support book burning, congratulations, you are now an oppressive and authoritarian group.

Femenheit 451.

Do you ever think, like putting aside all the Tumblr bullshit and the obsession with gender politics on this website alone, do you ever just look at people like this and feel confused about how they live their life.

Like this person is so obsessed in whatever ignorant mindset they hold that they saw this book and immediately set in motion a series of events for their entire day where they would buy this book and ensure their camera is charged. They would then rip it up, while taking photos and light it on fire and put it into a fire smiling and put it on the internet. They planned out this entire thing.
This isn’t Mein Kampf.
This isn’t some controversial book calling for the extermination of a gender or euthanasia. 
It’s literally some mild critique by a feminist about how dodgy policies from over-zealous feminism can end up harming people rather than helping.
This person is so wrapped up in whatever self-righteousness they possess and so desperate for the approval of whatever circle they’re in on Tumblr that they decided they would burn this book, probably without reading it, and take pictures to show off that they’re so stupid and insecure about their own views that they’d sooner burn anything that questions them.

I dunno about you but I’m really just confused about how you could plan out these actions over the course of a day and not sit and think to yourself “wow I’m behaving in a completely irrational manner”. 

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Do you know what would be great? A funeral.

I know what you’re thinking now, you’re wondering what person think a funeral would be great to just have for shits and gigs. But, here me out here. 

I had this wild dream last night. *dramatic music plays, and it’s a scene sort of like in Tevye’s dream sequence in the Fiddler on the roof* I’m preparing for some sort of a trip. The trip isn’t a long one, but my final destination will be The United Kingdom. Because I’m going to Hogwarts. For a funeral. Fred Weasley’s funeral. No one in my life gets it, as I’ve started talking as if it’s all real, as if it isn’t a book or a movie. My mom’s asking me not to take time off of work, because it’s just a book after all

But I’m going to this funeral because I need closure. And I get to this funeral, and it’s outside the Burrow, and Oliver Phelps/George is there, and Lulie Walters/Molly is there. Rupert/Ron and all the tohers are on their way. The casket is there, very foreboding. I wonder if James/Fred’s body is inside, to add to the realism. Everyone’s in black. Everyone’s crying. Oliver speaks. We sob profusely, how could a twin be without his other half? I go up to speak. I pour it all out. Fred’s been a part of my life since I was five. Fred means the world to me. Fred died too soon. We don’t actually bury the casket. (James was really in there after all.) We fell better. There’s closure. I got to mourn over the loss of my friend in a very real way. 

Basically, I wake up this morning thinking- Maybe that’d be a good idea. Maybe we should have a funeral. For Fred. For Colin. For Sirius. It was too much of some of our lives, to just be okay that one day they were here, the next we were reading of their tragic ends, finishing the series knowing that they didn’t reach the “All was well.”

Now I’m not saying that we should rent out the Staples Center and demand the actors redye their hair and come in character to some mock make-believe  funeral. But, I don’t know. Pick a day. Gather up a few friends. Mourn the way you want to mourn. Say eulogies. Let your characters go the way you’d want to send them off, as if they were your family. 

Because for me, at least, and i’m sure for many others, they weren’t just names, they weren’t make believe. The loss was real. Fred Weasley was my family, my friend. 

And I never got to say goodbye.




i woke up to this


and actually fell out of bed

and then this was in the article



so i got back into bed so i could fall out of it again


ok yes this is finally the answer to her releasing random canon-changing tidbits of info…

OKAY so JK ROlwing is a nice lady and all, and Harry Potter is fucking great, but she’s kid of turning into one of those guys who go to their high school reunion and like try to bring back the glory days. LIke, she ended the series and keeps being liek WHOA HEY I MIGHT WRITE MORE, PLEASE KEEP LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION. She sorta needs to… let go…


"I tried not to reblog this I swear"

Yeah well you fucking failed. how does it feel to be a fucking failure you piece of shit

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welcome to my sick twisted mind

Abercrombie and Fitch and Hot Topic are the same company jokes on you.

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April 1st- Chapter 2


As I stared intently at the instructions for the Demon Box in my hand, I felt as if I could fall asleep right then and there, free hand gripping the edge of a shelf for dear life and forehead resting on a shelf above me. I shook my head, up righting myself and heading to a new display entirely….